Amodestri Fun Zone, LLC is a family-owned amusement indoor recreation center offering a clean, safe, healthy, and fun environment for children to play. In addition, Amodestri Fun Zone has incorporated early childhood development providing a variety of equipment, activities, and opportunities, to promote physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Physical: Our indoor play equipment and activities give children the opportunity to enhance motor skills development. In addition to building coordination, increasing mobility, and exercising good fitness habits that will help ensure healthy bodies for a lifetime.

Intellectual: We offer a series of age-appropriate play activities that help build brain power by supporting the development of judgment, perception, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking.

Social: Children will communicate and make new friends, which help them gain confidence and build self-esteem leading to a lifetime of healthy relationships.

Emotional: Children will enjoy a safe, nurturing “home away from home” play environment, where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. Children will gain the comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationships, value their individuality, and have fun just being themselves. 

Our Team

Na'Keya Thomas 

Four Children: Alexus, Kevin, Na'Kayla, Milan

Founders & CEO's

Kharizma Oliver

Director of Administration


Team Players